Friday 9 March 2012

Deep Throat...

Early Saturday morning I checked my emails as usual and to my utter delight BuyaPowa had NAR's Deep Throat on co-buy. This was going to be my lucky day, that was until I visited the site and the co-buy had finished (I had missed out by minutes) *pulls disappointed face*.

This is a blush I have been eyeing up for absolutely ages. Every time I visited Space NK I would lust over this blush, its beautiful pinky, peachy tones, the way the subtle shimmer would glimmer under the spotlights in the shop. Yet despite my love of it, the £21 price tag would put me off and bring me back to reality.

Until Tuesday, that is. On this day I was a girl on a mission. Having not been shopping for some time since being cooped up indoors following jaw surgery I was armed with a list and on that list was Deep Throat and I almost squealed in delight when the lady said they had it in stock. So I now introduce you to my new favourite blush. OK so I have only had it for a few days but it is already slowly taking over my usual alternation between MAC Melba and Dame blush.

Usually I tend to steer away from anything so much as slightly sparkly for my face, no one wants to look like a disco ball right? But the shimmer is so fine and subtle that it just adds a beautiful highlight when applied. The smooth formulation and high pigmentation of this is spot on and this will definitely be my go-to blush for some time now.

Have you tried this and what are your thoughts?