Thursday 21 February 2013


If I did a summary of the weeks lip products then you would find a solid collection which remains the same. When it comes to day to day lip products, aside from the colour and longevity I look for wearability. I want something I can slick on and go and isn't going to require a maintenance check every hour or so. So this week got me thinking about the products which I return to time and time again throughout the working week. The Collection Cream Puff's has held a firm position in my everyday makeup routine since their release back in 2011. Not the most moisturising of products, but they give a nice matte wash of colour that usually sees me through until late morning. A product which I just can't get enough is the the Revlon Kissable Balms which have firmly become a solid favourite, Rendezvous and Cherish being my go-to shades. These definitely win in the lasting factor and literally add colour to my lips without feeling like I am wearing any product which is an added bonus when your chatting all day. Crush is definitely high on my list at the moment! Aside from stains and balms I do often get out the odd lippy, with MAC Creme Cup being my most recent choice - a beautiful nude with a hint of pink. I was lucky enough to win a spanking new one from Fashion Observer blog which was a bonus! Finally I have been throwing in the Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar. I stand by my thoughts in my post here, but a reader kindly referred my to Elavator Musik who had a great tip of using it like a stain. So recently I have been applying a blog to top and bottom lip and blotting it in with my finger. It gives a great natual (I haven't made an effort) but I have look without the mess of the full gloss! Phew! So thats the roundup of weekly lip products. I expect a few more to be thrown into the mix but I like to keep a compact collection which I know will always match my makeup and I can just grab in the mornings when I am running late for the office!

So what lip products are you using at the moment?