Sunday 10 February 2013

How to Leave Your Blog Link in HTML

The topic of leaving links on blog comments seems to be somewhat of a taboo. Me personally? I always leave a link back to my site. Whether other bloggers like this remains unknown. But on the same hand I like bloggers to leave their link. If they have gone to the trouble to leave a nice comment then I want to check their blog. Simple as. Of course you are always going to get the 'follow me' comments which are quickly ignored and I forget about it. When I leave a link though I always leave it in HTML format. This basically means rather than having to copy the persons link and opening a new window the blogger can simply click on the link and go directly to the site. Excuse me if I am teaching you how to suck eggs here, thats not my intention but I thought I would give a quick tutorial on how I do it in case you want to in the future. I also think it looks a lot tidier in the comment section and a tad more professional so here goes...

First you want to type your comment. For the purpose of the example I have just used 'test comment. Original right :-) then copy the code above and in the areas in red put your details. You can copy the example below and edit it to include your own details. I like to save the completed code in a word document and then copy/paste when I comment. Saves having to type HTML out all the time which can be a pain in the...

<a href="your blog URL here">the name of your blog here</a>

Finally publish your comment. It should look something like this >

I am no pro when it comes to HTML but there are a few tips and tricks which I have learnt over my time blogging which the help of Google so I was thinking of doing a few editing tutorials over the next few weeks.  I hope this helps, feel free to test by leaving links in the comments section below!