Wednesday 20 February 2013


Me and handcreams? I own a plethora of different kinds, some I have bought some I got as freebies with mags and every single one gets chucked into the hidden depths of my handbag with me chanting a mantra that I will use them daily and not just as and when I need to. It usually starts off pretty well with me feeling rather smug every time I reach for a dollop, but it usually ends with me begging a colleague for handcream after another marathon cleaning session that has caused my hands to dry up something ridiculous! Top that with the freezing cold weather we have been experiencing in the UK lately and my hands can look a serious mess!  However, that has changed! Sitting on my desk at work I have resorted to the good old favourite - The Body Shops Hemp Hand Protector. I think nearly everyone has heard of this cult classic -  if you haven't then where have you been? Its herbal aromas remind me of my take me back to my younger days when my mum used to use it religiously. Not too greasy but enough to leave your hands feeling moisturised and subtle this is definitely a must have for the winter months - Let's just hope I can keep this up, don't they say you can judge a woman's age by her hands? *reaches for the handcream* :-)

*PR Sample