Friday 1 February 2013


For the last few weeks the blogosphere has been in somewhat of a frenzy over the latest offering from Rimmel, their Apocalips Lip Laquers. So it wasn't long before I dragged myself into town to see what all the fuss was about. The latest edition to the Rimmel family is available in 8 captivating shades ranging from statement brights to subtle nudes. So whether you enjoy the more natural look or are a bold lip girl then there is something for everyone. I opted for Nude Eclipse and Stellar which is on the spectrum from your classic nude, think MAC Hue, Creme Cup etc to the boldest of Reds with a slight pink undertone. 

When I first heard about these I had images of them being a more affordable version of the YSL glossy stains but after trialling these I can conclude thats not the case, and the term I have concluded with, is 'interesting'. Described by Rimmel as a  'lip laquer' these are more of a liquified lipstick. Very thick, very creamy, and extremely pigmented with the classic Rimmel 'watermelon' aroma. They definitely have a unique formulation giving the lightness of a gloss without the stickiness but with the pigmentation of a lipstick. 

Now down to the nitty gritty. If you are planning on snogging, eating, drinking or using your mouth in general then step away now ladies. Whilst Nude Eclipse was not as messy as the latter Stellar it did apply quite streaky and clung to dry patches. You definitely need a good base to start with, in particular with the lighter shades but having said that they do allow your lips to breath as opposed to the Collection Cream Puffs which although I am a big fan of can mean that you can't rub your lips together. After trial and error it was time to take on the Vivianna approach and blot, blot and blot again.  Basically the idea is to build the colour. So apply, blot, apply, GO! If you just swoop this on in one hit you could end up with a rather gloopy finish so bide your time. For testing purposes I opted for Stellar on a recent night out. There was going to be wine and food and a few hours to play with. After immaculately applying it using the doe foot applicator I was ready to go. Jeez did this transfer! I have heard claims of this lasting 2-3 hours but after half a glass of wine and a few bites of a chicken salad it was nearly all gone. Aside from this though Stella did stain the lips meaning that I just carried on with my night without re-applying. 

So whats the verdict? If you have dry lips then you might want to give them a miss, however if you are looking for a bold statement lip then stick to the brighter shades, take your time and these could work in your favour but bear in mind the colour does bleed which could be sorted with the aid of a lipliner! I am not quite sure I would choose these for everyday wear as you can feel that they are there and they are never going to last the best part of a working day but for nights out these could make quite an impact and for only £5.99 a pop they are worth a try.