Tuesday 6 December 2011

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser

£10.00 at Boots.com, click here to buy

Being  a Soap and Glory fan I own almost all of their products in their skin care range however I was yet to try  The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser. So when I saw it in Boots a few weeks ago I was keen to try it. In all honesty I wanted to get the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser however this was not available in my town and therefore I thought I would try this. Knowing that Soap and Glory come out with excellent products I was sure this would not let me down. Being slight cheaper and I mean slightly than the Liz Earle by a few £ I was keen to see whether this really did live up to its highly popular rival.  

In the box you get a 100ml tube of the cleanser and a muslin cloth. I would of liked to have perhaps seen 2 muslin cloths but they are so cheap to purchase this was not a big deal. 

The product itself contains Pathenol (no i don't know either...), Sweet Almond, Orange and Lavender Oils. What struck me most was the lavender scent, Im not a big fan of lavender yet I could tolerate this. It reminded me of something that would be used in a spa in a facial it was soothing, and relaxing and smells pleasant enough. 

The texture can be likened to a thick moisturiser yet not at all greasy. You apply a fairly generous amount of product to your hands and massage into the skin. I tend to focus on my most problematic areas such as the T zone first and then work on my eye area. As the product removes make up and thoroughly cleanses the skin there is no need to remove your make up first however I would concentrate on the eye area last to prevent rubbing all your eye make up over the rest of your face which yes, I did do on my first use. 

Once you have applied this all over your face, massage well to ensure all make up is brought to the surface and leave for 1 minute. You then take the muslin cloth and submerse in hot water, not too hot mind you that you burn your face but hot enough to touch and use this to remove all the product. 

If you are using this to remove all your make up then you will see that the cloth does get dirty very quickly. A quick since in hot water should do the trick however I would recommend only using the same muslin cloth a couple of times, 3 at the most to prevent it harbouring germs, hence why I would recommend purchasing a couple of spares which you can generally pick up in most drug stores or the body shop does a pack for minimal cost. The cloth can be then washed and used again, either boil the cloth and then dry or put it in the wash preferably on a hotter temp so perhaps with towels or sheets that you would use a hotter temperature for. 

My overall opinion on this product was why had I not purchased this sooner. Although I will be sticking to my general facial washes and Clarisonic for a majority of cleansing, for removing make up thoroughly this will be my go to product. I have since purchased the Liz Earle cleanser however am yet to try it until I have finished this product but if it carrys on the way it has then that could be very soon. I will look forward trying the cult Liz Earle product and reporting back :)

Have you tried this cleanser in comparison to the Liz Earle and if so what did you think?

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