Tuesday 6 December 2011

Marie Claire Beauty Blog Awards

Since I started blogging I have become an avid blog reader and read every single one of your lovely posts. One of my favourite blogs is 'A Little Obsessed'. She is a very established beauty blogger so I was really intrigued when she mentioned that Marie Claire were holding Blog Awards similar to those held by Cosmopolitan earlier this year. For the record I have voted for 'A Little Obsessed' for this. Being new to blogging this would be an amazing opportunity so I therefore ask my fellow subscribers and bloggers to please vote, this does not necessarily have to be for me although it would be amazing if you did :). You can nominate yourself or other blogs that you love. This is an amazing opportunity to get blogs recognised. To view 'A Little Obsessed' blog you can do so by clicking here

Please click the image below to take you directly to the Marie Claire entry form. Thank you once again!