Sunday 4 December 2011

Lush Herbalism Facial Wash

For a while now I have been a Lush addict and if you read my last haul post which you can do so by clicking here then you will know that I recently purchased the Lush Herbalism Facial Wash. I had never tried any of their facial washes so I was intrigued to try the Herbalism one.

Lush claims that this controls excess oil and prevents breakouts and being a sufferer of excess oil this seemed like the perfect product. 

In the tub, it looks pretty disgusting to be honest :) It smells herbally, I guess the clues in the name... and as you can see I have used a fair amount of this already which is a sign of a good product in my books!

You only need to take a pea sized amount. The products itself has a claylike texture. You run this under water and rub your hands together to produce a paste. You then use this to wash your face. Because of the texture it has some exfoliant properties, I even found this gentle enough to use over the eye area without irritation however if you have highly sensitive eyes you may want to avoid this. Once I rinsed the product off, my skin felt soft with no dry areas which I have found previously with anti-blemish products. I can only assume this is down to it being fairly natural ingredients and since using the Body Shops non chemical shampoos I am starting to favour towards more natural ingredients as I have seen the benefits of them. 

I can't personally say I have notice a significant reduction in breakouts as I do not get many breakouts as such just the odd spots now and then and blemishes but I have to say this has improved the texture of my skin to the touch and I can definitely see myself buying this again in the future or if not this one I will be trying some of Lush's other facial washes in the near future!

Have you tried any of Lush's facial washes and if so what did you think?