Sunday 5 February 2012

RITUALS...Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel Sensation Review

I know a lot of people have had mixed reviews about their Glossy Box's this month hence my reluctance to post a review. All I will say is that it definitely was not my favourite to say the least and I just wish that their attention to detail on the packaging extended to the products sent out. Anyway, enough on that! On a good note, I was suitably impressed with their December Christmas box which included a full sized bottle of RITUALS...Yogi Flow Shower Gel in Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil. 

 This retails at £6.50, so I guess you could call it mid range and is a price which I would be happy to pay since trying the product itself. 

I love the bright red/pink packaging and this would look stylish in any bathroom. It looks like a luxury product and for £6.50 for a shower gel alone I think Glossy Box did good with this one! Anything that feels like a 'treat' in the shower is right up my street :)

This product does not expel like your ordinary tube shower gel, it has a spray top and releases somewhat like the gel shaving creams you can buy in a compressed container. You only need the smallest amount, which I discovered when I first used this as a tiny amount really does go a long way! I used this with my Soap and Glory exfoliating mitts and it created an incredible lather which felt and smelt luxurious which lasted for ages in the shower! 

The scent could be described as floral and fruity and definitely has a clean, even spa-like aroma about it. After using my skin definitely felt clean without feeling drying. I would not say this was the most moisturising of shower gels but it definitely felt more luxurious to use compared to my usual Supermarket ones. 

Having tried this I will certainly be buying again, which I have seen in most department stores such as John Lewis and House of Fraser.

Have you tried this from your Glossy Box yet and what did you think?