Sunday 5 February 2012

NYX Nail Polish NOTD

Hey Everyone, 

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I came across a beauty shop near where we live and low and behold I should find that they are selling NYX makeup. Now I know this may not come of a great surprise to some of you however in the UK its not hugely available and I have been dying to get my hands on some of their polishes after reading some excellent reviews!

I purchased 2 at the time as it was buy one get one free for the bargain price of £2.95. I love budget nail polishes and whilst I love nail polishes I begrudge spending a fortune. Especially considering that I rarely finish a bottle :(

 This one is called Sheer Pink on the bottle although I suspect this was wrongly marked up. This could be why they are selling at such a low price. None the less it is a beautiful icy blue colour with a silver shimmer. I love it! When I buy a brand of polish I am not familiar with, the first thing that concerns me other than the colour of course is the application. Many a times I have bought a polish only to find it is either too runny, too clumpy or the brush is too large or too small. I needn't have worried with this one though as the polish was of just the right consistency and only needed 2 coats to obtain a truly opaque colour. The brush is your average brush yet small enough to ensure you have complete control and get a perfect edge. As for lasting this lasted 2 days before significant chipping was apparent but nothing that a quick touch up couldn't fix! 

 Apologies in advance for the state of my nails...:)
Now i'm just planning my next shopping trip to stock up on some more! What are your thoughts on NYX polishes and do you have any colour recommendations?