Sunday 28 April 2013

Weekend Wish List #8

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A week passes and another list of goodies gets added to my 'list'. This week was no different and with the boyf working late most nights, the internet has been my only form of company bar an obligatory visit to mum and dad's for some homemade grub. 

1. Topshop t-shirt - Hot on the list is the rather fetching tee from Topshop. Not my usual taste but after seeing Emma's post, it would be wrong not to add. I am quite penchant to a tee and skinny jeans cough leggings when lounging around the house. At £20 a pop its not the cheapest on the market for a tee but I am pretty sure a little 'research' could return a few cheaper replica's - I am looking at you eBay. 

2. Chanel Lipstick in Boy - I have been slowly accumulating my Boots advantage points for this and I am almost there. I think I have swatched this more times than I can account for so will be a well earned treat and addition to the stash. 

3. Next Photo Collage - It just so happens that I get 50 free prints with my broadband and have failed to use them up. Since I got a digital camera many moons ago I have failed to keep up with printing pictures which is a shame as who remembers the excitement of getting films developed after their hol's right? I moved into my place 6 months ago and its about time I started using some of the bare wall space, this large photo collage is personal and fits in with the clean minimilist theme I love. 

4. Aldo Sandals - The weather is finally starting to heat up. I will ignore the slight rain earlier in the week that dampened my idea to get out the summer sandals but these are perfect for when the sun does make an appearance. Plus having a holiday in the pipeline gives all the more reason to purchase. 

5. Gossip Girl - I am not usually into American series with the exception of Sex and the City which has been on replay for god knows how long. Yes I am a fan. No I am not sorry. Much. However with my boyfriend working lates more and more I am finding myself looking for a new series to get my teeth into. After much research I feel this could be the one most up my street.

6. Vintage Post Holder - If you are like me then as soon as you get the post it gets thrown into a drawer/corner/table never to be seen again. This cute post holder would look pretty in the hall and keeps my bills in order. 

Hope you are all having a gorgeous weekend. Let me know what you are lusting after this week!

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