Monday 8 April 2013

Models Own Mini Glitter Collection

Models Own Mini's - Glitter Collection Limited Edition*

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win the lovely Lucy's giveaway. Included in the prize was this rather stunning Models Own Limited Edition Glitter collection comprising of 3 glitter polishes in miniature versions. Having been a complete Models Own virgin (I am an Essie gal through and through) I was keen to try these out. I am not usually a fan of the glitter look bar the  odd accent nail so these were a welcome addition to my collection. The collection consists of 3 colours - Southern Lights, Pink Fizz and Blizzard and are roughly half the size of the generic sized bottles. To give you a quick run down of the shades - Southern Fairy is a mix of colours which changes in the light, verges  more towards the bluish/purple tone. Being a Southern 'fairy' this was by far my favourite of the bunch. Pink Fizz is a straight up pink glitter and works well as an accent nail against a darker shade, think Essie Luxedo (another personal fave). Finally Blizzard is a clear confetti which would work well over another colour but does not fair too well on its own, a good alternative to the L'Oreal confetti top coat in my opinion. All in all they applied well with only 2 coats needed to get a good opaque coverage, the formula is a tad thick so a good shake is well advised beforehand. As I find with all glitter polishes they do take a tad longer to dry, so make sure you take a toilet break before starting this. The verdict? A big thumbs up from me and the miniature collections are definitely a good introduction to Models Own as a brand as a whole. 

* Giveaway Win