Wednesday 6 March 2013

Shopping my Samples #2

Its been a while since my last sample post which is slightly annoying. I have been enjoying having a rummage through my ever growing sample stash however getting enough products together to put in a post is proving to take slightly longer than anticipated! So here goes part 2!

I was actually highly anticipating the milk_shake conditioning whipped cream but unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. Not one to dwell on negatives I shall just cut to the chase. A. the scent was overpoweringly sweet - think Worthers Originals on your bonce and B. the mousse like formulation felt too sticky and heavy for a leave in conditioner. I found a sample of a Clarins foundation in a magazine. Being the ever organised beauty blogger I am I stupidly threw away all traces of the packaging so this shall forever be known as simply Clarins foundation. This was a pretty good formulation, applied nicely and sat well on the skin without feeling cakey however the sample was a shade too dark for my NC20 skintone. I received the Montangne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off mask* just in time for valentines day. Its probably a slight cheat popping it into a samples post as effectively this is a full sized product. But I felt inclined to mention this none the less. I absolutely love the peel off masks and did this one Saturday morning much to the other half's horror. The result? a nice smooth complexion! Rituals has been high on my radar since I tried their shower gel some months ago, therefore Rituals Whipped Body Cream was a welcome edition to the bathtime regime! A mature scent which was not in any way sickly sweet - just up my street. I was pleasantly surprised to have won another tube of this through Lucy's giveaway. So cheers Lucy for that :). I had tried Dove's  Nourishing Oil Conditioners prior to receiving this sample and think they are the perfect budget conditioner so I was keen to try the one designed for coloured hair. Having been a frequent dyer (of my hair) since I was 16 my hair often needs a little extra TLC. Its got better since I have been dying it darker but it still lacks the moisture it had in my younger days. This is a great little pick me up to use in the shower. You only need to leave it on for 5 minutes. I use the time to shave my legs and all that jazz then rinse. If you can pick up a larger size of this then I highly recommend, I think they come in at less than  a fiver if my memory serves me rightly and really do do the biz. Finally I tried the Clynol Colour and Care Shampoo which I used with the former. I can't say there was anything spectacular about the shampoo compared to other regular shampoos. It smelt pretty nice but I found it lacked lather and left my hair feeling rather knotty. I can imagine this would be better for shorter haired ladies. 

So there you have it ladies, until next time. Now I must go and conquer another stash of samples from my ever-growing mass...

*PR Sample