Tuesday 26 March 2013

New Look Top Picks

I don't know about you guys but I am getting slightly fed up of the cold weather we have had in the UK lately. Bring me some sun already. Despite there still being dustings of snow on the ground I have been willing the sun to make an appearance just so that I can start packing away my winter wardrobe and introduce a few lighter items of clothing. New Look has always been a go to shop of mine when it comes to stocking up on trends due to their budget prices so whilst wrapped up in several layers including a blanket this weekend I found myself perusing through these gorgeous dresses at New Look amongst other equally gorgeous items. As I filled my virtual shopping basket, I resisted the urge to 'proceed to checkout' and thought i'd share with you the pick of the bunch of what I am currently loving.

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Being on the shorter side of average maxi dresses can swamp me so the latest offering in the form of the midi dress is a pretty good compromise. I have had my eye on a few midi dresses yet I was surprised how wide a selection that New Look have, ranging from neutral basics to garish aztecs, I have already made a mental note of these and reserved a hefty chunk of my pay check for a splurge, I think a holiday is called for to make these a justifiable purchase...right?  I tend to stick to darker colours but I have made it a resolution to start playing with colour more, whether that be in clothing or accessories and this coral number is definitely stands out!

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Speaking of wedges - give me a wedge for a heel any day of the week. I probably own about 3 or 4 pairs of New Look wedges from last summer and always find them super comfy whilst giving me those much needed extra inches! This summer will be no different and for less than £30 a pop they won't leave your purse weeping either. 

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Finally, I am not going to lie, but whether or not its 28 degrees outside I can never be with out my trusty ankle boots with the Topshop Mighty Boots being my current go to boot. However since I have literally worn the heels away to nothing I have been eyeing up these little numbers for replacement. 

So will you be picking anything up from New Look this Spring/Summer?

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