Monday 23 April 2012

Style | New Look Gladiator Sandals

A little while ago I found my self browsing the shoe section of New Look. New Looks a shop I have a love hate relationship with. I always see people hauling and posting about gorgeous items they have picked up for ridiculous prices yet whenever I go there I always come out empty handed. Its never quite my style and I often find myself filling my wardrobe with Zara, Topshop and H&M etc etc. So I was excited to come across these little gems having been searching for some versatile gladiator sandals for some time after breaking my 3 year old well worn pair last summer whilst trekking through the park with the boyfriend :-(. Low and behold I came across these beauts. Let me introduce me new sandals.


These are perfect for me. Black, check, gold detailing, check, slight wedge, check. These are rediculously comfy and for only £19.99 you cant really go wrong, so much so that I picked up the grey too. I was in so much of a hurry to get them that I even picked up 2 of the same size which the lovely but observant girl at the counter kindly sorted for me. So far I have only paired these with my black leigh jeans and pleather jacket for a more casual look but I think these are going to look fab with a maxi skirt in the summer which I am currently on the hunt for, being 5'3 means its a little hard finding one that I am not going to flip A over T whilst wearing.