Tuesday 17 April 2012

Korres Body Butter - Guava

So originally I wasn't going to post about this product. Purely because I bought it on a whim at my local outlet for a fiver and wasn't sure that it was readily available in stores. I don't tend to or like to post about things that aren't available for you guys. But the other day I was browsing House of Fraser and this little beauty, Korres Body Butter in Guava was on sale so I thought what the heck I am going to tell you about it. As far as Korres products go I am a complete novice, its one brand that has never really caught my eye despite being hugely popular in the beauty community but even I know that to pick this up for only £5 is pretty darn good. As soon as I smelt this product I knew it had to be mine. In the fragrance 'Guava' this is the ultimate holiday scent. Described as tropical and sweet, this is just that. It reminds me of the Hawaiian Tropic oils I used to use on holiday or similar so as soon as I use it I am taken back to happy memories. This is the ultimate pick me up product I own. The formulation of this is thick, very thick. It distributes well but sits on the skin for a while before actually sinking in so this is def' an evening job not a morning, slap on and go type product. With that said, once it has absorbed there is no stickiness whatsoever just smooth, hydrated supple skin which leaves a slight sheen to the surface which is perfect for the summer when getting the pins out. Unlike a many fragrant body butters the scent actually lingers on your skin for sometime. Even after 8 hours plus sleep its almost as strong as when I first applied. If you like strong sweet fragrances then this is for you. Of course its not going to be everyones cuppa tea but with such an extensive range of fragrances there is bound to be a Korres body butter for everyone. 

After having a little hunt around for you guys, I am good to you :-) I have found that you can purchase it from House of Fraser online for £12.50 by clicking here. But if you have a shop around you can find it for ridiculously cheaper online.