Wednesday 18 April 2012

Another nail trend bites the dust

When it comes to my nails I am a simple type of girl. A quick couple of coats of my favourite nail colour and I am good to go. So when it comes to nail art of any kind its generally an epic fail. Don't get me wrong I love ogling other peoples designs and even having a dabble myself, I was rather proud of my water marbling attempt. But this latest trend intrigued me. Surely glueing small beads onto ones nails must be time consuming not to mention impractical right? But having seen the lashings of attempts flutter in my reading list I was keen to try, so after purchasing some beads from eBay, aptly named 'Caviar 1mm beads' due to their resemblance to the famous fish eggs, I set to work.


After painting a coat of Barry M's grey (the closest I had to black) I allowed to dry. I then applied a second, thicker coat and dipped my coated nail into the beads and then pressed them down to help them stick. They did not stick too well, with areas missed but I persevered until all nails had been suitably coated before applying a slick of top coat to the tips. Now don't get me wrong, this would not look out of place in London Fashion Week, or for a fashion shoot. But for everyday practicality for the everyday girl, this is a big fat no no. For starters the beads started to fall off after only a small period of time, perhaps bad application? But it just looked a bit well messy for my standards. As for removal, give me glitter polish any day. This was right 'mare to remove - messy, very messy. After successfully removing it (almost immediately) I threw the cotton pad in the bin and had a quiet sigh to myself 'what a waste of some good beads'. In a nutshell I like the concept and idea behind it but I can't see this taking off other than for novelty value at best.