Friday 13 April 2012

Clinique - all about eyes

Photobucket When it comes to preventing eye wrinkles and premature ageing then I am all for it. Bring on the anti-aging products, prevention is better than cure right? Do they work, well come back in 40 years time and I will let you know, I will most probably be cursing the products by then. For the mean time though I have been enjoying applying the Clinique All about Eyes cream religiously every morning. The light weight, fragrance free cream gives my eyes a little pick me up every morning when I need that little extra and nothing but sleep will cure it. I picked up the original, I say original as there is an alternative more richer, creamier formula. Having a tad oily skin I tend to steer clear of any really rich formulas on my face, even in the eye are but the richer version could be perfect for the more mature lady.

When applying this, I use my ring finger to pat a minuscule amount under my eye, allowing it to sink in and work its wonders. Rather than a serum this is more of a balmy cream formulation. It takes a little while to sink but once fully absorbed provides an excellent base for under-eye concealer whilst reducing circles and de-puffing the area. I am not a huge sufferer of dark circles which I can't complain about but I do get a tad puffy under the eye area in the mornings, even after several hours sleep. This product just gives me that kick start in the morning which I would usually only achieve with lashings of concealer. I now just dab some Touché Eclat over the top and I am good to go.

Clinique - all about eyes retails at £23 and is available from Boots and most department stores.