Sunday 8 April 2012

Makup Essential - Lipcote

Ok, so I use to be a gloss girl through and through but I think that phase has well and truly died a death. No more sticky lips, hair getting stuck to them in the wind not to mention my boyfriends complaints. I now have a new love, and that is lipsticks which I would have to say, as of late has completely overridden my collection aside from the odd stray gloss which I can't contemplate parting with. However, if I don a red lip I have to maintain it all night or else it looks bloomin' awful, agree? And that means endless touchups throughout the night. Thats where this product comes in to play. Originally formulated in the 1950's this is THE original lipstick sealer and for a brand thats been around longer than my mum it must be a gooden, right? For anyone favouring a bright/dark lip then this is a must have for your handbag, I just swish it over the lips, wait for it to dry and hey presto stay put lippy all night, well almost all night. OK, it does not smell too good, reminds me of nail polish remover, and the brush tickles when I apply but it does actually work. For a purse friendly £3.99 you get 7ml of product which does not sound a lot but believe me when I say you only use a tiny bit at a time. I bought this a few months ago and despite using it several times I have hardly put a dent in it.

Lipcote is available at most pharmacies including Boots and Superdrug and can also be bought online at