Wednesday 14 November 2012


When it comes to concealers it's safe to say that I have tried a fair few so when this latest little bottle of Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer* landed on my door step I was intrigued to say the least. Firstly don't be fooled by the rather lengthy name. Expecting some miraculous serum promising to banish dark circles I was presented with what appears to be a standard concealer in a rather fancy pump action container. Unlike generic concealers though this little albeit pricey (yes it will set you back £37) formula is packed full of age fighting ingredients including 'neuropeptides' (an ingredient promising hydration, elasticity and firm -yes please) and Vitamin C plus a hefty dose of SPF (35 to be precise). Now I am no boffin when it comes to skin care ingredients but anything promising to assist with the signs of ageing is perfect for the skin conscious approaching 30 year old such as myself! So recently I have neglected my usual combo of the body shop concealer and the infamous Touche Éclat in favour of this. And so far so good. Rather than use the pump action which tends to disperse a tad too much product for my liking I have been dipping a cotton bud in and then dabbing under the eye area, using my fingers to gently press into the skin. Rather than sit on the surface this sinks into the skin perfectly and since I have been having to leave the house that little bit earlier lately in the morning this as definitely been my beauty weapon of choice in the mornings for fighting the fatigue look I have been sporting lately. Being a makeup and go kind of girl I rarely touch up my makeup during the day so I am happy to report that this stays put all day without creasing bar the fact that it does fade as the day goes on, by which point my usual caffeine intake has kicked in and I am looking slightly more bright eyed by then. 

Now don't get me wrong the coverage of this is pretty good but if you are looking for a full coverage concealer you might want to step away now. Verging on almost a hybrid of a concealer and an eye cream in one this gives just enough boost to brighten the eye area whilst hydrating at the same time which is perfect for those that don't have time to faff around with eye creams and potions so early in the morning.

I have to say that initially I was shocked by the price however to put it into perspective, being an avid buyer of Touche Éclat suggests that this is a better deal for my money, considering the former costs £25 for a mere 2.5ml and this gives you almost 4 times the amount then it is pretty good value for money in the long run. 

If you fancy trying this for your self then you can buy it by clicking here.

*PR Sample