Wednesday 11 January 2012

Clinique Super Fine Liner for Brows - 02 Soft Brown

I wanted to  give a big recommendation today and that goes to Clinique Super Fine Liner for Brows. After years of trying to find the perfect brow pencil I do believe I may have just found it. I first heard about this via PixiWoo on YouTube, in case you do not know who PixiWoo are they are 2 incredibly talented sisters who happen to be extremely talented MakeUp artists. You can view their blog by clicking here and with over 15000 subscribers to their name you can safely say they are pretty well known within the beauty community! 

Anyway back to the product. After trying several products, including 2 shades of the prestigious Urban Decay brow kits, eye shadows, MUA pencils and Rimmels I finally caved into the hype and bought the Clinique pencil. At £12 I actually thought this was pretty reasonable considering that you will pay only slightly less for lower end brands. 

What I liked most is the fact that it does not need to be sharpened, you just twist the end and away you go. So no moments of getting caught out without a sharpener if you take it away anywhere or keep it with you. It comes in four different shades - soft brown, deep brown, blonde, black/brown. The only thing I would like to see is them cater for red heads. I chose soft brown, and not being a red head I cant speak from a personal level yet I do feel that it lacks a little on this side seeing as I have heard that Anastasia which is an American brand which I have heard is coming to the UK does cater for red heads. 

I certainly recommend going to a store and testing the colours as no swatches can give a true representation of the colours of these hence why I have opted not to. If you go to a department store that sells Clinque then generally they will be more than happy to match your colour and therefore you will avoid wasting your money on the wrong one!

 The product itself has an ultra fine tip which allows you to draw individual hairs on whilst maintaining your natural brow shape which gives a much more subtle natural look without looking like you have painted on your eyebrows. You can use this alone or with a brow powder and an angled brush yet I found that this works perfectly well alone and allows me to fill in my brows during the day without it looking too heavy. 

Have you found any great eye-brow products lately and have any of you tried the Anastasia brow kits as I am keen to try these however I know that they are not yet available in the UK? If you know if they are then please let me know as the brow gel looks amazing.