Thursday 12 January 2012

Boots 17 Wild Metallic Eyes

Hey everyone, 

I hope that you are all well. Today I wanted to give my thoughts on the Boots Boots 17 Wild Metallic Eyes. Although these are fairly new they have been circling the blogging and beauty community for some time and whilst I have had these for a while I have not got around to doing a review yet as I have, well just been enjoying the products :-)! Personally I blame the other bloggers for encouraging me to purchase this given the fact they have had some amazing reviews :-) 

These are a cream based eyeshadow, which is just the type I am loving at the moment bar the Naked palette, but that is a whole other post! For £3.99 you get a really generous sized pot of product and given that '17' is typically a budget brand these are of exceptionally high quality. 

I originally purchased the Silver to use over New Year to follow a tutorial I had seen on YouTube. This provides an excellent base to be used with a black black matte eyeshadow for a really dramatic smoky eye but with a splash of sparkle without looking like a disco ball. I could not just stop at the Silver though and purchased the gorgeus bronze too! 

When using cream shadows I tend to use an eyeshadow base more so. Particularly because I can get greasy eyelids which can cause the eyeshadow to crease, which can be more obvious with cream bases. What I noticed about these was that although they do crease slightly, it is minimal and they last a long time before creasing is evident and even so can be blended again with your fingers during the day to cover the creases (they have amazing staying power). 

As you can see the colours are highly pigmented and only the tiniest smudging goes a long long way. I would either wear these alone during the day or as a base colour/primer under more dramatic colours for the evening, as mentioned above the silver looks perfect with black eyeshadow when blended well. 

Now, I know that you should not go for packaging and it is the product that matters etc, but I think we would all be lying to say we weren't a stickler for nice packaging. Whilst they aren't the prettiest of packaging I actually really like the little screw top pots as it means that I can get the most of a product down to the last scrap of product! Although simple, its effective and they look slightly more expensive than most of the Boots 17 brand items which I feel can be aimed at the younger audience. 

There are 6 colours to collect in total including a stunning mid-blue, and purple, so I will definitely be adding to my collection next time I am in Boots, it could be time to break into the advantage card points...

Have you tried these?