Sunday 2 June 2013

Weekend Wishlist #10

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I think its safe to say that after my card got rather a battering this weekend that these items shall remain firmly on this post.  However I hold no promises and with summer approaching and a beach wedding/holiday on the horizon its about time I started thinking about my summer essentials. 

1. MAC Face and Body foundation 50ml - I have always had my eye on the F&B foundation but the mahusive bottle always put me off. Although MAC have now released the smaller 50ml bottles which are much more travel friendly for the everyday beauty obsessive. 

2. Glamorous Kimono - Love love love this kimono from Glamorous and after seeing Milly rocking it on her blog it has been firmly planted on my 'need/want' list. Shame that this is sold out, but its so pretty you can kind of understand why. This would be perfect to dress up or just throw over a bikini with some denim shorts to rock around the pool. 

3. Zara Neon Bag - I thought its about time I added a spruce of colour to my handbag collection and a solid black bag isn't going to cut it on holiday. Trust Zara to come up with yet another gooden', and this bright  number is big enough for all my airport essentials. Love. 

4. Disney Couture Bangle - I have mentioned before, bar a watch I am not really a jewellery person. However this bangle really caught my eye and I love the inscription 'Have Faith in Your Dreams' which is very apt as I am a big believer in following dreams whatever others may say. Apologies for getting a little deep...

5. Chantecaille SPF50 - When I saw the price of this I had to take a deep breath. I mean what makes a grown relatively sane woman throw down the best part of 100 notes on a sun cream right? I am yet to find a face sun cream that isn't greasy and the reviews on this have been nothing but praise. Not one to be seen bare faced on holiday this could be the ultimate primer whilst protecting our most valuable asset. I have said it before and will say it again, you only get one face so if you are going to splurge on anything then ensure that it is skincare.