Thursday 13 June 2013

KMS California - Frizz Fighter Kit

KMS california frizz fighter kit, haircare, blog review

For those that suffer with a slightly frizzy mane, then you will understand the anguish that comes with constantly having to avoid the rain, unavoidable changing temperatures and serum and straighteners are your best friend. Whilst my hair isn't your classic frizz case, and a far cry from being a Monica in Barbados, it can be flyaway and a quick wash and go is a big fat no no without a good blow dry, copious amounts of straightening serum and my trusted GHD's. So when the new Tame Frizz range* by KMS California planted itself on my doormat, I scheduled some me time in the shower and put these beauty's to use. A brand new to me, I was intrigued, the Frizz Fighter Kit has been formed as part of the Tame Frizz range and offers a selection of hair care products specifically designed to target the symptoms of frizz. 

After trotting off to the bathroom with 2 hefty bottles, I got to work. Undressing, wetting hair aside, I started with a 50p dollop into the palm of my hand and began massaging into my scalp (word of warning ladies, you only need half. Lesson learnt). After satisfying my sweet craving with its rather addictive, fruity yet subtle scent I was pleasantly surprised that this produced a really good lather, and removed tangles. Yes tangles literally fell out, albeit a quick brush before hand undoubtably aided this, but it definitely felt like it was doing a good job. My hair felt clean, I mean super clean yet not stripped at all. Next up I slapped on some conditioner, used the anti-static comb to rid any tangles and left to work for a few minutes whilst getting on with other in shower activities i.e washing, shaving etc and then finally rinsed, and rinsed again. Although the rather pleasant scent failed to linger as much as I would have liked, my hair did feel super clean and soft and as someone that suffers from a dry scalp I am happy to report that this did not irritate at all. A quick single pump of the non greasy de-frizz oil and I was good to go. Well good to move onto blow-drying that is. Now I won't say that this range is one of those instant gratification products, I have been using them a few weeks now before noticing a change. Yes, I was actually able to leave the house after a quick blow dry and bypass the trusty GHD's. Yes, you heard that it time to ditch the GHD's? Not quite, but if you do suffer from barnet of the frizzy variety, or even slightly flyaway then these are definitely worth a try. 

The Frizz Fighter kit is available from June onwards from selected KMS salons and will be £29.50. You can find your nearest salon by clicking here. However after a quick peruse of both Beauty Bay and Feel Unique, whilst not offering the Tame Frizz range they do offer a selection of KMS products. 

*PR Sample