Saturday 1 June 2013

Mont Bleu - Handbag Essentials

Mont Bleu Swarovski Compact Mirror Blog Review
Mont Bleu Swarovski Crystal Nail File Blog Review

Some time ago I was sent a couple of items from Mont Bleu*. A brand which I was not familiar with, they are based in the Czech Republic and specialise in decorative beauty tools, all handmade. Not one to turn my nose up at an embellished tool I quickly welcomed these items to my handbag and thats where they have remained firmly since. First up is a compact mirror, silver, with a cute array of Swarovski crystals this is bound to gather a few admiring glances on the train. Next up is something I was most looking forward to trying - the crystal nail file. I am always looking for a good quality nail file and generally stick to cheap ones from Boots but they never last. This files my nails like a dream, plus comes with a rather handy little pouch so you dont have to worry about it scratching other items in your bag. I highly recommend getting your hands on a crystal nail file if you have not already. You can check out the range from Mont Bleu here. Its definitely worth a peruse if you are on the lookout for gifts.

*PR Samples