Thursday 13 September 2012

Paris Haul

Hi there lovelies, almost 2 weeks has past since my little trip to Paris and so much as happened. I have moved into a lovely riverside apartment with my boyfriend, so far so good. But to say it has been stressful is an understatement to say the least. Amongst moving, making furniture and having zilch time off of work I have also been deprived of the internet for the time being which makes blogging a little difficult! And boy do I miss it! I could not hold off any longer though so I have popped to mums for tea and wi-fi access...bliss

I have to say I think I was quite reserved when it came to splurging whilst away and tried to stick to products that I could not get access to in the UK, well not easily anyway so Caudalie was struck off the list and I resisted the urge to pick up extra Bioderma as I am quite liking oil based cleansers lately, shock horror!

The first thing I picked up was the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip balm. This was actually recommended by a fellow reader and I can't wait to try this. I tend to apply lip balm before bed and then in the morning so this is a nice bedside table addition. 

HD Forever Foundation 
Despite the language barrier I was matched up in Sephora by a lovely assistant. This was probably the one thing I was most excited about trying and can't wait to test this on a forthcoming night out I have planned! I know there have been mixed reviews surrounding the hype so I hope I am not let down. Let me tell you though Sephora is an absolute beauty junkies heaven, I do hope that they bring one back to the UK although for the time being its probably safer on my bank balance that they don't :-)

Embryolisse moisturiser has been somewhat a hit amongst the beauty world and I have heard on the grapevine this could be available over here...Again this is yet to be tried and tested but I hear it leaves the perfect base for makeup, so watch this space!

Ah those cheeky little products they line up whilst queuing for the till, they get me every single bloomin' time! I saw this product which was almost an exact replica for the Bourjois magic polish remover, it even smells the same. It was roughly the same price so is far from being a cheaper alternative but it will be interesting to see how this fairs against the original which I am running out of fast, hence the choice to pick this up! 

Well thats all i actually got, but its safe to say France definitely wins hands down in the pharmacy stakes! I could have spent hours in them. I hope that you are all well and thanks for sticking around whilst I am a little absent on the blogging scene. I have a mountain of blogs to catch up on and YouTube vids as well as a ton of posts to write up and review so when I do get internet back I am sure my laptop is going to be on fire!