Monday 24 September 2012

Lazy Sunday | eBay finds

When it comes to a Sunday I love nothing more than setting up the macbook, getting comfy on the sofa and getting lost in the world wide web. Whether that be blogging or shopping there is something special about the internet that allows me to pass the time, guilt free. Having been deprived of the internet lately (awaiting broadband to be installed) means I have been slacking a tad, however a trip to ma and pa's this weekend allowed me to make full use of the super speedy broadband plus a rather delish roast dinner was thrown in to boot. One of my favourite places to pick up a bargain has to be none other than good old eBay. It can be hit and miss sometimes but I am yet to have a bad buying experience yet (touch wood) bar the odd the bad selling experience, non payers I am watching you :-)! But all in all its a good place to grab a bargain and the odd dupe of a pricey high street alternative! Whilst having somewhat of a mooch this Sunday I ended up filling a virtual basket of rather splendid items whilst refraining from blowing my entire PayPal account (everyone knows that PayPal is monopoly money right?). So heres what I came across this week. 

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Ever since that jacket was featured in Made in Chelsea I do believe it sold out across Zara stores high and low.  You can pick up this 'dupe' for roughly half the price at £42.99. Another Zara hit has to be their tote bags, and this one ticks all the boxes for me personally and is available in an array of colours. I think its safe to say that summer is well and truly behind us and as I write this post it is literally bucketing it down outside, so what better excuse to get some stylish wellies. If like me you have been swooning over the Hunter studded wellies then you will be pleased to find a much cheaper alternative! No outfit in my opinion is complete without a statement necklace. albeit this is not the cheapest, its well worth it, I am thinking skinny jeans, vest, pleather jacket and good to go! A bit of a miscellaneous item has to be my favourite book 'The Perks of being a Wallflower'. In light of the film release next month I have dug out my copy to re-read for the umpteenth time beforehand...anyone else excited? Nope? Just me then...

Hope you have all had an awesome weekend! Internet is back on this week, oh yeah! so expect a flurry of posts coming your way! 

A little note...when buying on eBay always check the sellers feedback and purchase with caution. I have no experience with the sellers mentioned. No photo's are claimed as my own and the rights belong to the original owner. If for any reason you feel I am in breach of copyright please contact me and I will remove immediately. All the links above go back to the owners.