Tuesday 28 February 2012

Origins Super Spot Remover Gel Treatment Review

Hey Everyone, 

Boy, am I glad to be back. I am far from recovered and the last few days have been bleak as I have dealt with the pain of jaw surgery but today I feel tons better despite having a very swollen head :). I can't wait to get back into my usual blogging routine and am even more excited that I have gained a few new subscribers over the past week, so welcome aboard :) this also means that I am getting nearer to my target of 200, so thank you all again for your support! 

Now onto the post...this is going to be about Origins Super Spot Remover. Although personally I would not say I had particularly spot prone skin, I am prone to the odd pimple and blemish at certain times of the month and in stressful periods.

When it comes to spot removers I have tried a lot and have accumulated a plethora of treatment gels and creams over the years. I thought I had found 'the one' in Skin Drs however having used it for so long my skin had adjusted to it and it no longer had the effect it first had. So it was time to break off the relationship and go in hunt of a new spot fighting product!

I have never tried any of the Origins range so when I heard good reviews on this little gem I was intrigued to try. Priced at £12.00 for a 10ml bottle it is fairly pricey in comparison to some drugstore spot removers. I purchased this on-line with the delivery being approximately £2.95 so I would strongly advise purchasing this in-store if you can unless you plan on buying several products to make the delivery  charge worth while. On a plus side though, they do offer reasonable sized free samples to choose from when buying on-line which was handy for me having never tried the brand beforehand.

The gel formulation spreads well meaning that you only need the smallest amount of product. Its absorbs into the skin without feeling too drying, although there is a very slight tightness to the area applied after the product has dried so it is important only to apply to the blemish and not the surrounding area to avoid drying out your entire face. 

This smells more antiseptic than most spot removers I have tried. Its almost a medicinal smell. Like most spot removers the key ingredient is salicylic acid, yet it also has caffeine and red algae known to fight redness of the skin.

When I initially applied this to a blemish I could feel a tingling sensation. This to me is usually a sign the product is doing something so I had no complaints about this. I used this overnight and although the blemish had not completely gone overnight it had considerably reduced in size and redness and a further night of this treatment saw the little blighter off for good.

Although you do not get a huge amount of product for £12, the consistency of it means that it will last a long time. I would definitely buy this again in the future and although it did not instantly remove my spot(s) it did dramatically reduce the appearance and after only a couple of applications the blemishes were entirely dried out :)

Have you tried this and what other Origins products would you recommend?