Wednesday 29 February 2012

It's all in the eyes...L'oreal Telescopic

The L'oreal telescopic mascara has been around for some time now so forgive me for being slow on getting in on the act. It was only recently that I heard the hype surrounding this, ever since the more recent false eye effect mascara had been released by L'oreal. Having only recently invested the best part of £20 on the Benefits They're Real mascara (and being far from impressed) I really had to justify purchasing this, and boy am I glad I did!

When your boyfriend notices your lashes then you know you are onto a good thing right? Not only did this extend my lashes more so than any other mascara has done in the past but it actually held the curl all day, yes all day. 

The waterproof version comes in a metallic blue packaging, not the prettiest of packaging but hey its  a mascara. I did notice that after a couple of days the writing started to wear off the packaging onto my hands which was a little annoying but nothing I could not deal with :)

I prepped my eyes with eyelash curlers, no fancy shu uemura ones here I am afraid just standard drugstore and slapped on the mascara and I was good to go. 

The wand is a lot smaller than I usually opt for. I tend to favour the larger Benefit Bad Gal type wands but to my surprise I actually enjoyed using the smaller wand. This is not your typical mascara wand either in the sense that it is plastic with 4 ridges around it, the design of the wand allows you to be accurate with your application whilst also reaching those annoying hard to get to lashes which larger wands tend to miss. 

I will admit it is not the most volumising of mascara in my opinion. It needed a couple of coats but being  the waterproof version did not budge at all, nope not even slight fall down/flakes which I can sometimes experience with non-waterproof mascaras.

When it came to removing it I was expecting it to be a little more stubborn compared to its non waterproof counterparts and I was right. I used my usual Bioderma makeup remover and it took copious amounts and several cotton pads to remove the entirety of the product. Even after removing what I thought was all of it I still awoke to some residue in the morning. But having said that, it is a small price to pay for what has perhaps become a holy grail product. 

Have you tried this? Also, do you have any recommendations for good waterproof makeup remover?

Becky x