Tuesday 28 February 2012

Fighting The Red - L'Oreal Primer

If you suffer from redness of the face or rosacea then you will be familiar with the on-going struggle to camouflage it without looking like we have trawled on the make-up. Now don't get me wrong I don't generally suffer from a red face as such however can tend to get some redness around the nose area. Hence why I use a green based primer to counteract the redness under my usual foundation. 

These types of primers have been around for sometime, however I have recently been trying the L'oreal Studio version which is a very lightweight primer to be worn under makeup. 

If you have read my past posts then you will know that I am quite partial to a pump action applicator so I like the fact that this is just that. For approximately £10.29 you get 20ml of product and considering that the tiniest amount goes a long way then in my opinion this is good value for money. 

A tiny, weeny amount really does spread a long, long way. It is a very light formulation and absorbs right into the skin, so those turned off by the bright green colour, don't be. It really does absorb to nothing and acts as the perfect base for your foundation. 

First applied from bottle

Partially blended

Fully Blended

As you can see from the smallest amount this spreads really well. There is a slight tinge of green left at the end but further blending and foundation or tinted moisturiser over the top would counteract this. 

I cant say this kept the redness at bay all day, as my foundation wore throughout the day so did the primer and of course my nose was left a little red. The good thing about this product is that you could even use it without foundation and just use as a primer alone just remember not to go too heavy on it though or you may end up looking like Shrek :)