Tuesday 15 November 2011


Hi Girls,

I went shopping this weekend with my lovely boyfriend. The main purpose of the shop was to find a dress for my other half's sisters engagement party...but seeing as I didn't find the perfect dress I thought I would share with you some of the other items I picked up.

Due to it getting dark so early in England lately it was near impossible for me to take near decent photograph's so I have opted for the store photographs so that you don't miss out. I apologise for this in advance as I do like to take all my own photos for my blog generally.


If you have read a previous post, I purchased some lovely brown ankle boots from Forever 21, I wished I had got them in black too so I have been hunting for similar since...these were a little more expensive however for a hard wearing leather boot I think they were pretty reasonable.

River Island Boots £40.00, click here to buy

I originally saw this dress via Sarah at Beauty Geek, you can view her blog by clicking here. I though this would be a great day dress yet could also be glammed up for the evening with some accessories. This was from New Look and is limited edition by Parisian and at the time of purchase they had a 25% off.

New Look Dress in Oatmeal, click here to buy

For a while I have been looking for some casual slouchy tops that can also be dressed up. I was watching Vivianna of Vivianna does makeup, you can view her blog by clicking here. She mentioned about these fab tops from Topshop. All I can say is that it was love at first sight and I purchased two of them in different colours. They are great quality material and sense these will last a long time, the price wasn't bad either at £16 each.

Colours T-B, Grey Marl & Oxblood, click here to buy

I then made a quick stop at Lush, I have only recently got into the whole Lush phase, whilst I adore receiving these products for Christmas and Birthdays I have never really tried the entire range. I had heard great things in the blogging community about the Grease Lightning spot treatment so I picked this up along with a Herbalism facial wash. I have yet to try their facial washes and this certainly looks interesting to say the least so I shall keep you posted on this one :)

L-R Herbalism Facial Wash £5.95/100g, Grease Lightning £5.65/45g - click here to buy 

Small disclaimer -  all products mentioned were purchased by me for the benefit of my loyal readers and subscribers. All photos were taken from the official websites of Topshop, New Look, Lush and River Island with the appropriate links attached.