Friday 4 November 2011

Nails Inc. Save The Nail, Bridge the Ridge Base Coat

Hi Girls, 

After reading about OPI's ridge filler I have been intrigued. Unfortunately I do not have the best of condition nails and I know how bad frequent buffing can be, yet I still love the smooth effect that buffing can achieve. I have ridges in my nails and if you suffer from this too you will understand that it can ruin the most perfectly painted nails so I was really excited to discover this ridge filler by Nails Inc. 

I usually stay away from Nails Inc. not that I have anything against them and they are  great quality I just can't justify the cost for a nail polish personally so I was shocked that this little gem was only £5.95 in Boots so I snapped it up immediately. 

The colour is a nude pink and can be used alone or as a base coat. It is especially recommended for filling in the ridge for outgrown extensions but as I do not wear extensions I shall be using this as a base coat only. 

As you can see my nails are pretty bad to begin with...

And after...

Although there wasn't a dramatic difference, I only used one coat, my nails looked noticeably brighter and a lot smoother than prior to applying this.