Friday 18 January 2013


When I upgraded my phone a while ago to the iPhone 5 there was one thing missing - a decent case. I quickly snapped up a cheapy on Amazon for the time being, a plain rubberised purple one that completely lacked personality. Then I came across this little gem on Not on the High*. I love anything thats personalised so this was right up my street. Once I had picked the case I had to complete a form of up to 16 lines including all my likes and loves and then pick a colour scheme - I opted for bright colours. Not on The High Street then got to work and a few days later it had landed on my doorstep. Being the clutz that I am a solid plastic case suited me fine and I can report that this has been bashed and dropped numerous times and has resulted in zilch damage plus its easy enough to  give it a wipe clean at the end of the day when it has been bouncing around in my handbag amongst makeup and other grim finds that can be found at the bottom of my bag. My only gripe? This does not come cheap and will set you back £23.99 which is quite a lot for a phone case but if you are on the look out for a quirky phone case for your iPhone then definitely check out this site as they have a few gooden's on there. You can purchase this particular case here. Click here for more phone cases.

*PR Sample