Wednesday 9 January 2013


Since I was bought an abundance of bath goodies for Christmas I seem to have re-discovered my love of baths and this latest offering from Bliss has definitely added that little something to bath times aside from a ton of glittery bath balls ala Lush! So - Picture the scene - a bath full of bubbles and an array of YouTube videos on catch up. This is definitely my time to rewind after a long day in the office. 

 This is a  dual product of a body wash and a bubble bath. I like to add lashings to a hot bath and then lather a handful up in my exfoliating mitts to give my body a good clean before shaving and what not else. Bliss is certainly a brand I had not tried before but is definitely something I will buy again. Plus the bottle is haa-uge so providing Mr Beckys Makeup doesn't get his paws on it, should last a while! But given my new found love for laying in the bath for hours at a time thats no promise! 

Providing just the right amount of bubbles to sink into this expels sweet vanilla aromas but not in a sickening sweet way, almost that holiday scent - if you have ever used the Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat oils on holiday then you will understand what I mean. On a plus side the smell actually lingers well after you have got out of the bath although the only downside is that its not too moisturising and can leave the skin feeling a tad on the dry side, but this is nothing that a good slap of moisturiser can't fix. If you are prone to dry skin though then you might want to reserve this for the bubble bath only and use an alternative moisturising body wash. 

Now please excuse me, I have a bath to attend to! :-) Actually I jest as I am currently at work, in a busy office completing technical tasks, or I am trying my best to look like I know what I am doing to...