Thursday 24 January 2013


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Grab yourself a drink ladies and get settled. I would love to offer you one of the above but hey whats a blog post without a pretty picture right? I wanted to cover this topic in a blog post and let you guys know about the changes I am planning. As you will be aware for the past few months I have been offering free advertising spaces on my blog in the form of ad-swaps. In case you are not aware of what this is - basically I put another bloggers button in my sidebar in exchange for my button in theirs. Its a great way for promoting blogs and a great way for newer bloggers to get noticed. Not only did I put a button in my sidebar but I also wrote a blog post showcasing the months ‘sponsors’ directing people to their blog. This is something I enjoyed doing. 

Chargeable advertising, however has always been a little bit of a controversial subject throughout the blogging community and is something that I, myself have always been on the fence about. Because of this I have always steered clear of the topic. However with this in mind Beckys Makeup has grown over time and is something I am extremely proud of. Along with that I have gained some loyal and regular readers. After some very careful consideration and a lot of thinking. Please do not think that this was a quick decision, I have decided to charge for advertising. 

Of course I fully understand that this will not be for everyone and I hope that you as my readers will respect my decision. 

To those that have an ad running at the moment via my ad-swaps programme , all existing ad-swaps will remain to the end of the 30 days scheduled. Going forward though the cost of adverts on my blog will be £10 - this will include a button in my sidebar and a blog post introducing your blog/business. For full details see me updated advertising page here!

I just want to say thank you to you all and for your on going support and for reading my blog. It really does mean a lot. I hope whether you are a new reader or a regular reader you will support the change. Please also bear in mind that this is only a pilot and if this does not work out all is not lost!

Much Love,