Sunday 27 January 2013



Ever since I can remember I have owned a pair of ghd hair straighteners. At one point I had a limited edition pink pair although these days I settle for the extra wide black ones to settle my unruly tresses.  Having already been a fan of ghd as a brand I was in full acceptance when ghd got in contact and gave me the chance to test their ghd Oval Dressing Brush*.

The brush is natural bristled and designed to finish the hair. Its a wooden finish which does mean you need to be extra careful when cleaning and has a chic ghd silver hardwear logo on the end. All in all its a really sturdy quality made brush. For everyday blowdrying and styling this doesn't really cut it in terms of getting through stubborn tangles yet this is perfect at smoothing your ponytail into place or brushing over loose hair to give it a smooth finish. It literally works on the surface of the hair, but with a little added pressure it does the business. I have been blow drying/straightening with my usual  paddle brush and then giving a quick brush through with the dressing brush to smooth my locks. If you are like me and your hair can get quite static, you know the drill, you run your hairbrush through only to be left with a mass of hair stuck on  your lipgloss then this could be your answer!