Saturday 26 January 2013


After making a promise to start using more samples (post here) I took the opportunity this week whilst the boyfriend was at work to indulge in a little pampering. So after a quick mooch in my samples stash I trotted off to the bathroom with these delights. I have tried to introduce the samples into everyday beauty shenanigans so first stop was the bubble bath! 

Anatomicals 'don't clean it woman, scrub it' is probably the longest name for a body scrub in the history of body scrubs but this gets a big thumbs up from me. A sweet smelling scrub, this is good enough to eat. The beads are fine and its packed full of them so you can really feel them doing the business plus this leaves your skin smelling rather yummy. Next up I reached for Alison Claire's Mango Body Butter. If you like smelling like a rather alcoholic Christmas pudding then this will be right up your street. Me and the boyf spent a long time  trying to come up with what this smelt like and this is the best I can come up with. Not my cup of tea, not very moisturising and after it had sunk in my skin didn't feel too different. Sorry Alison Claire but this just wasn't for me. I was rather relieved to find a small bottle of Monu micro Exfoliant in this months Glossy Box as my skin has been in dire need of a good exfoliation. This is not for the light hearted and I would only recommend using this once a week. It is very finely grained and if you don't mix with water can feel like rubbing sand over your face. I went hardcore and used on a dry face, adding water sporadically before rinsing with a steaming hot flannel and oh boy this did the biz! My skin felt smoother than it has ever and looked almost glowing! A winner all round! Finally I threw a wildcard into the bunch with Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultimate moisture for eyes. This wasn't too rich nor too light and after a quick pat under the eye and across the brow bone my skin literally drank it up and I was good to retire to my bed!