Tuesday 1 January 2013


Last Saturday I had no plans for NYE but I did know that whatever we were doing I wanted the perfect red lippie. I put the question out on Twitter and amongst the rec's Dior seemed to be a contender. So whilst mooching around Lakeside I took a detour into Boots and found myself hovering over the Dior counter. I told the assistant I was looking for a red lippy, no pink undertones, it had to last and had to be matte. Based on this info she sent me to the mirror with lip brush in hand with shade 014 - one application and it was a done deal. A seal of approval from the bf and I was good to go, new lippy in hand and £25 lighter (oops). The ultimate post box red, this will see you through the night with minimum need for re-application. After several drinks last night plus a cheeky kiss at midnight and this was still going strong and I am pleased to report back that this literally did not transfer at all - no red lips for the other half, much to his relief! I hope you all had fun last night whatever you were doing. Now I must go and catch up on some sleep zzzZZZ