Tuesday 25 December 2012


image source: We Heart It

The photo above pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now (well hopefully) plus its pretty darn adorable! 


 I hope from the bottom of my heart that you are having an amazing time with your loved ones. I was not going to write a post today. I figured that it is Christmas and this should be reserved for family and friends. That's what I will be doing so whether you are reading this on Christmas day or after I hope you are having or have had a lovely time and that Santa was good to you :-)

I just want to say a massive thank you to all my readers this past year for allowing me to make my blog what it is today and I only hope that it will keep growing but of course that would not be possible at all without you guys! So thank you!

Some amazing things have happened this year and as I look back I realise how much has happened over the past year - and boy has it gone quickly, so without going all soppy on you, a quick re-cap! Back in February I went through jaw surgery which took up a good 6 weeks of my life due to recovery, and this was only part of the journey. I finally got my dream and went to Paris only to discover I would be moving into my very first place with my boyfriend the same weekend - cue stress. But we got there in the end. Last week I had my braces removed (I know 28 with braces *cringe*) but this marked the end of a long journey, one I am SO glad that I took. There have been tears and there have been laughter but I have loved every minute. This will be the second Christmas of my blog but I feel that this one I can really mark the occasion. I have met some truly amazing people through blogging and found some fab reads! 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not please enjoy the Holiday season and be safe! 

Much Love,