Saturday 22 December 2012


This festive season I shall be digging out the vampy nail polishes and hitting up the party scene! OK maybe not the latter as nights in are more my thing but that does not mean my nails can't look good in the mean time. When I don a darker nail there are 2 things which I look for - longevity and high shine. Which is where a good coating of Seché Vite Dry Fast Top Coat comes in handy. I bought this some months ago upon the recommendation of fellow bloggers and boy was I not left disappointed! Having heard recently that this was used by Kate Middleton on her wedding day I can see why!

I was looking for a top coat that 1. lasted and 2. gave a high shine. This not only ticks both boxes but also speeds up the drying process meaning that my nails are touch dry in a matter of seconds - perfect in last minute situations! Someone had said that it tends to go gloopy but I have had this getting on 6 months now and am yet to experience any gloopyness plus I have been using this every week and you can see by the usage that this is going to last a while! 

I picked this up for around a tenner in Boots but if you have a look online you can get it slightly cheaper, with Beauty Bay currently offering 2 for £16.99.