Friday 7 December 2012


Clara is a beautiful Irish girl living in England and writes a somewhat amazing blog called Countess du Blush! Despite being only 18 years old she speaks well beyond her years. Her blog not only showcases her amazing style and taste but also gives us an insight into her personality! A budding history student she describes herself style as the by-product of Marie Antoinette and chums. Something tells me that this girl will go far! 

So grab yourself a brew and enjoy the interview which Clara kindly took part in for me!

1. How would you describe your blog?

A corner of the internet where analogies are generally historical, superficial things are unconditionally appreciated and Maria Antoinette, Edie Sedgwick and Vivienne Westwood are somewhat worshipped.

2 I am always interested in how people come up with the names for their blog, how did you come up with yours?

My blog is called Countess du Blush. I'm an A level student looking to study history at university in 2013 with a particular interest in the 17th-18th Century history. One of my favourite court characters is Comtesse du Barry, a fairly scandalous mistress of Louis XV. I'm not giving myself a title out of arrogance, rather I am showing a nod to the court ladies I love in history who used clothing and fashion to make a statement, political or just egocentric. As for Blush, I love a bit of rouge and a glass of Pinot doesn't turn me off either. 

3. How would you describe your style?

If Marie Antoinette and her best friends were in a bubble-gum punk-pop band, shared a flat with Vivienne Westwood and Lily Munster and Edie Sedgwick was the land lady; I'd be the by-product. My style is all about contrast. Sugar-sweet pastels with monochrome. Straight laced school-girl wear with flowing chiffon. And the word 'clash' is not in my vocabulary unless Joe Strummer is involved.

4. If you had to pick either an endless supply of makeup or an endless supply of clothes which would you choose?

Probably makeup. My old dad instilled some fairly strict financial principles in me and, though the blogging world has lead me wayward, I can never buy backups of essential stuff because I hate spending money on old hat, boring stuff! Boring economical reasoning but i'd love to own the whole MAC lipstick line one day...

5. What prompted you to start blogging?

A part of me loved the community and I admired those involved, but another part of me knew there was something that I could offer. I grew tired of reading blogs with no personality. Like it or loathe it, you can read my blog and learn a lot about me from it! Its something I like about my own style and wanted to share it with others as well as meet great people. 

6. What's the one product that ou regret buying?

Clinique Three-Step System. I was in the height f my skin worries and it only made it worse, unfortunately. 

7. Do you family and friends know about your blog and do they read it?

My family and friends know I do this but I respectfully ask that my family in particular doesn't read it, just because its a personal space for me and I'm not sure they'd really understand, if that makes sense? I think blogging as a whole is weird unless you're active in it, but everyone is really nice about it. 

8. Can you remember the first item of makeup you owned? If yes, what was it?

Probably something from No. 7. My mum always gave me those gift sets when she got them, the gift with purchase?

9. What was the first blog that you started reading?

I don't really remember. Most of my blog experience has been flitting from blog to blog, usually motivated by the images/writing style of the person. I will say I have followed Muhsine from Bubblegarm for years. I've loved her blog for ages. 

10. Tell me about your absolute, holy grail product, the one you buy again and again!

CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara is the best. By far. I would also repurchase MAC Studio Fix powder, I've had three or four and it's not perfect but its coverage and texture is amazing! NARS Blushes in Madly and Taj Mahal would rank very highly, too!

11. What part of blogging do you enjoy the most?

I love creating the whole aesthetic of my blog through Outfit photos, if that makes any sense? I love those posts the most because a lot of work goes into them and I like creating beautiful things where possible (I haven't much to work with, only ol' me!) But on a social level, I've really enjoyed speaking to others and finding a community of folk who can be as superficial as me about beauty and fashion but still have wonderful hearts and amazing interests. 

12. Finally, tell me your favourite blogs that you read religiously?

Leanne Woodfull of Thunder and Threads and Tara from Tar Mar Tales will always be cited as my favourites. They're both irish girls, like me, and have wonderful personal styles and amazing personalities. And I can't go a day without checking Temptalia, It's like Cosmetics BBC News really , isn't it?

I urge you all to check out Clara's blog Countess du Blush by clicking here!

A big thank you to Clara for taking part and being the first to be featured!

Clara kindly gave me permission to use images from her blog and is taking part in a 'meet the #bbloggers' series. This is going to run for 5 weeks - all the #bbloggers have been chosen and depending on how well this is received may become a regular Friday post!