Tuesday 12 June 2012

Benefit POREfessional

Benefit POREfessionalBenefirt POREfessional 2Benefit POREfessional 3POREfessional swatchBenefit POREfessional Trial size
(comparison of full sized vs. trial)

Ever since Glamour released 3 trial sized editions of their most popular products the blogging world seems to have gone a tad crazy over their POREfessional. And for good reason too in my opinion. I mentioned this in yesterdays post yet I felt it worthy of a dedicated post. This little beauty has been a must have in my makeup collection for as long as I can remember. Yes its pricey at £23.50 for a 22ml tube but well worth it. If you are lucky enough to find the POREfessional with Glamour then potentially you could pick up the equivalent of a full sized for a mere £6! I use this as part of my daily routine every morning as the first step of my makeup routine. The formulation is a little strange for want of a better word. Its a balmy consistency with a slight tint which turns translucent when applied. Completely oil free (a must for me) this glides on almost like silk leaving my skin smoother and more even. The ultimate point of the product is to deminish visible pores. I am unfortunate to have enlarged pores, predominantly around the nose and chin area and a few between the eyebrows. There is no proven way to get rid of this (if you know then please share :-)) therefore the only successful means of reducing their appearance is by covering them. Now I wouldn't go as far to say this covers them, in my opinion it 'fills' them in so those tiny little holes you see (pores) are filled with the product meaning that you get a flawless canvas to apply your makeup. Having skin on the oily side means that products can slip around this provides somewhat a veil between my skin and makeup which the makeup can stick to so to speak and this definitely helps with keeping it in place and reducing the shine on a day to day basis. If you have not tried this yet then now is the ideal opportunity whilst you can get it for as little as £2.