Tuesday 14 May 2013

Hair Care Additions

Yuko and Macadamia Hair Review Anti Frizz

My haircare routine is pretty simple. Wash check. Condition check. Then its a quick no faff blow dry and a straighten with the odd spritz of dry shampoo for volume and I am good to go. With my no fuss routine perfected down to 10 minutes in the morning, I was sparing a few minutes to add some bolt on products in an attempt to up the condition of my hair and generally give it a more polished look.

Yuko anti-frizz leave in conditioner*.  Yuko is a brand specialising in hair straightening which also boasts a rather impressive product line alongside its salon treatments. More importantly with the likes of Jennifer Anniston reportedly being a fan I knew I had to give this a go. It smells ridiculously fruity and refreshing whilst detangles my hair amazingly. Specifically designed to react with heat styling my hair has never felt so soft and conditioned. Plus the no nonsense spray bottle means its easy to apply quickly after stepping out of the shower before attacking with a wide tooth comb. I like to pull my hair to the side and hold in a pony tail fashion and spray on the ends. Note that this is best used on the ends of the hair only as it can leave the roots a tad on the greasy side if used too liberally. 

Yuko's anti-frizz serum*. For those that suffer fly away hair or hair thats verging on the frizzy side this is your product. I like to add one pump of this between my hands, rub together and apply to the ends and then run the remainder over the top of my hair to calm fly aways. I have always steered away from serums due to their greasy formulas, or my tendency to use too much. This dispenses just the right amount and its non greasy formulation has definitely restored my faith in hair serums. Again avoid applying too much to the roots and resist the urge to apply too much. Remember less is more and you can always add more if needed. 

Macadamia Fast Drying Working Spray*. One thing that lacks from my collection is hairspray. To be honest I have never really found a purpose for it. Macadamia though is a brand I am familiar with yet had not ever tried. I like the fact that Macadamia have cleverly named this a 'working spray' rather than a generic hairspray. And I am pleased to see that hairsprays have come a long way since the days I used to spray it on like it was going out of fashion during the Croydon facelift school days (the shame)!. Since having a fringe cut in, I need something to keep it in place and serum just won't cut it without leaving me with a fringe stuck to my forehead. I have been spritzing this over my fringe and then brushing through to give it a boost. Albeit this does not keep it in place all day, it does allow me to leave the house with my fringe in a half decent condition. 

So whilst my hair will never be Kardashian perfect, a few additions to a somewhat simple routine has certainly changed my attitude towards my haircare in general. What additions are currently rocking your routine?

*PR Sample(s)