Sunday 28 April 2013

Introducing Hydraluron

Hydraluron Blog Review
There was a time when I would opt for the most abrasive of skincare to combat my more than oily skin. My skincare selection would resemble the teenage section of skincare in Boots opting for foaming (shudders) oil stripping face washes and mattifying moisturisers. Skip forward a few years and my skincare has changed dramatically. As I head towards my 30's I have found my skin to be more dehydrated (thanks to Carolines blog for pointing this out). To give an overview my skin can sometimes feel tight, its absorbs moisture like its going out of fashion yet can be prone to breakouts whilst still looking a tad on the oily side of normal. So after ticking all the boxes on Carolines tick sheet a self diagnosis of dehydrated skin was the conclusion and called for action. Out went the foam cleansers, and anything abrasive and in comes the oils and hydrating serums. The Clarins Lotus Oil has been on rotation in my skincare routine for sometime now. You can read my full post on this little gem here. For a while this was my go to alongside the cult EsteĆ© Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. A new addition to my evening routine is Hydraluron which I have been using alongside the Clarins Lotus oil to give my skin boost. I was initially introduced to this via Sarah over at Beauty Geek and I have not looked back since. When I heard that skincare guru Caroline had given it the thumbs up I knew I was onto a winner. Hydraluron boasts a hefty quantity of a Hyaluronic Acid which in the world of skincare is the current must have ingredient when it comes to hydration. To give you the spiel on what this ingredient does without getting too scientific on you, Hyaluronc Acid or HA as we will call it is found naturally in the body however as we age (boo, hiss) our ability to produce HA naturally decreases and needs a little helping hand so this is where Hydraluron steps in by inducing HA into your skin means that your skin can maintain water a lot more efficiently. The directions of this are simple. Use AM and PM prior to your usual moisturiser. In the evenings I have been slapping this on and then patting on a few pumps of Clarins Lotus Oil and pressing into my skin as a perfect skincare collaboration  Now needless to say that it is not one of those instant wow my skin looks amazing products. It takes time so persevere. After a few weeks of using it I have noticed that the dryness I used to experience around the crease of my nose has started to clear and makeup lasts a lot longer. Beforehand my skin would drink up the water in foundation and I would be left with a patchy mess by mid morning. This has definitely assisted in lesser touch ups required throughout the day. Now onto the nitty gritty, Hydraluron will set you back £24.95 for a 30ml tube of the stuff and at the time of this post was exclusive to Boots. The packaging is pretty plain and simple which by my books means you are paying for good product and not fancy packaging. You only need a small amount per use, a large pea size amount should do you good, and I have a biggish head to say the least and should last you a while. I am hitting the month mark and its still going strong. The plus side is that this is suitable for all ages so whatever your age I would highly recommend adding to your stash.