Sunday 10 March 2013

Weekend Wish List #1

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Beauty blogging, I swear is a serious killer for my bank balance. After doing a little 'window shopping" this weekend I have come up with a list list as long as my arm. At this rate I shall be bankrupt before Christmas this year.

Do I need another Zara bag? Probably not but that does not stop me lusting after the latest offering in the form of this ridiculously gorgeous bowling bag. After purchasing the bucket bag and the office city bag its fair to say I should not be allowed to step foot in Zara without being chaperoned. I cheekily made a little purchase in Rituals the other day and bought a candle in Spring Garden. My justification? Bathtimes just aren't the same without a candle. They are long lasting - 50 hours to be exact, look pretty and are a fraction of the Diptyques which I have also been tempted by this week, but we won't even go there. A little while ago I purchased the Aromatherapy Associated mini bath oils set from Space NK in order to spice things up at bath time (in an inncocent way of course - you naughty ladies :-)). I have fallen in love with Deep Relax and am tempted by the full size but at £37 a pop I might have to wait until my birthday and leave subtle hints about the house... Having every Urban Decay Naked pallette going I do not need another neutral palette, but boy do I want this limited edition Nars palette from their And God Created the Woman collection. The new L'Oreal Glam Shine Stains are something I keep seeing popping up and they look like competition for the Rimmel Apocalips. I had a quick swatch in Boots the other day before being hurried up by the bf but from what I can tell these were a lot less sticky without compromising on the colour payoff. I may have to indulge in a spending a few Boots points on these, they certainly beat a meal deal. My eyebrows are the bain of my life and I thought I had found my holy grail in Cliniques Superfine brow pencil but having watched Lisa Eldridge's videos religously I am keen to try the Suqqo brow pen. At £20 I am not sure I can justify it just yet though. Finally, I eventually managed to swatch some Illamasqua blushes in Selfridges last week and this cream blush in Promise has been stuck in my mind ever since. 

So there you have it a few albeit expensive products I am lusting after at the moment. Whats on your wish list?