Saturday 25 May 2013

Illamasqua Blushers

There's one thing I can't do, and thats walk past an Illamasqua counter without swatching at least 2 of their blushers. But the one thing I have failed to do is ever actually purchase one. For that I apologise Illamasqua. So when I casually went on Twitter during my lunch break last week its like fate was on my side when they were offering a whopping 50% off. Cue a quick browse online and I ended up securing 2 blushers - Nymph and Sophie. I'd had my eye on Nymph for a while. It was a toss between Nymph and Well Dressed by MAC. And the sheer pigmentation for the former won me over hands down. A bright bubblegum pink, this applies ever so naturally for a flush of colour during the day. This is the one I am wearing in the photo and has been my weapon of choice for the latter part of this week. The second was Sophie - a blush made in honor of Sophie, a girl who was tragically killed for daring to be different. This is a story that really struck a chord when it hit the headlines back in 2007 on my birthday to be exact. I urge you all to read about it here if you have not already. Illamasqua describe it as a golden coral shimmer, and I can report that this is a pretty good description and it definitely has an aura of Nars Deep Throat about it which is a favourite of mine. 

Both blushers are soft, pigmented, easy to apply and above all have amazing longevity. In fact I don't know why I waited so long to purchase. Now just to find a place to store them amongst my overflowing collection of blushes, but everyones allowed a weakness right?