Monday 8 October 2012


So this weekend a night out with the girls called for some serious pampering time considering it only happens once in a blue moon. Ever the beauty blogger I can be found seeking out beauty products wherever I go and a quick Saturday afternoon shop in Morrison's was no different. I had decided that I needed or shall I say wanted a new nail polish. Bored of my usual array of neutrals and pinks I wanted something that would make a statement amongst my all black ensemble. Thats when I saw it - Electric Dreams which forms part of collections summer range which launched earlier this year. A gorgeous combo of electric blue and turquoise which can only be described as somewhat garish compared to the colours usually adorning my talons!

Easy to apply with a nice thick brush this ticked all the boxes. Two coats was all that was needed and  quick sweep of my holy grail - Seche Vite and I was good to go! My only gripe would be with its staying power which only lasted until today (monday) until it started to flake. But for £1.99 this is definitely the perfect budget nail polish. 

Have you tried any of the Collection Hot Looks range?