Monday 26 December 2011

Sleek Face Contour Kit

For a while I have been looking for a contour kit. Up until now I had just been using a regular bronzer to contour and an ELF highlighter. I had heard lately though about the Sleek Face Contour Palette. I'm a great fan of Sleek as like ELF I do believe they are great quality for a cheaper High Street brand of cosmetics. This palette had received great reviews in the blogging and YouTube community so for a bargain price of £6.99 I thought it was worth a try and having used this for the past week or so I do believe I may have found my new favourite product. 

What Sleek has to say about it...

A highlighter and pressed powder kit, which can be used to help sculpt and define one’s features. This product contains two powders. 

The darker powder is used to create shadows on the face, such as defining the jaw line or contouring the cheekbones. The lighter powder is the highlighter, used to reflect light off the face and can be placed in various places such as the apple of the cheeks, the temple, the tip of the nose etc. 14g

This palette comes in 3 shades, light medium or dark. I opted for the light one as it still looked fairly dark and you can always build up for a more intense colour. What I loved was how smooth and soft the powders are. They are slightly 'chalky' in consistency and of course can't be compared to department store brands yet for the price they are of great quality. 

It also comes with an instruction leaflet which may be helpful if you are new to contouring?

What I loved most was the highlighter. Like where has this been all my life? Up until now I had been using cream highlighters and had never tried a powder one so I was keen to test this. It glides on smoothly and leaves a gorgeous glow with a shimmer that just catches the light without leaving your face looking like a human glitter ball :)

With New Years Eve vastly approaching I would seriously advise you check this little gem out. You can purchase this at the Sleek website which can be viewed by clicking here. Or they are available at Superdrugs stores. 

Sorry about the pic qualities as lighting is hard to get right at the moment what with it being so dark early :( 

What are your New Years Eve party products and what do you all have planned? 

Small Disclaimer - I am not associated nor affiliated with Sleek or Superdrug. All products were purchased by me and reviewed for the benefit of my readers and subscribers. All opinions are my own. Product description and Sleek logo obtained from official Sleek website where all products mentioned can be purchased.